Space Access Kit #1
Space Access Kit #1
Space Access Kit #1

Space Access Kit #1

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Ever dreamed of communicating with the orbiting satellites above? Now you can! For as little as $1 you can get your hands on our very own Space Access Kit #1: Powered by the majestic texture of dreams, the wonders of friendship, and the raw, unflinching power of the Antenny–MK7.

We believe in giving all people access to space, and ask you to pay the full price if you have the means, so that others might experience the wonders and magic of space.

Setup instructions:

What's in the box?

  • Pan/Tilt Gimbal
  • Antenny-MK7 Custom driver board (integrates ESP32 and motor driver)
  • IMU


*1 Order Per Customer, multiple orders will be canceled. 
** All orders after first original order not guaranteed to contain Antenny Kit material. All non-primary Antenny Kit orders will contain at least 97% polymalgamatizer'd urethane by-product [not not known to cause cancer in the state of California].